The lake of tears

The ‘Barapani’ which translates as ‘the big water’ is a huge expanse of water (lake) cached among the ranges of the scenic Khasi Hills, in a place called Umiam in Ri Bhoi district just before entering the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, one of the scenic states in Northeast India.  It is situated along the NH 40, in the Guwahati-Shillong highway, just about 20 km before reaching Shillong, the capital town of the state. Spread across a catchment area of 221.5 sq. kms, the lake is formed by the Umiam river. The lake came to be commonly called the ‘Barapani’ because of its huge expanse. It is a major tourist attraction in Meghalaya.

There is an interesting folk lore that is associated with the Umiam river that feeds the lake. In Khasi, the language of one of the indigenous tribes of Meghalaya, ‘Umiam’ translates into ‘water of the eyes’ meaning tears. The river gets its name as ‘the river of tears’ from a fable that is popular among the local people. The story goes that two sisters from heaven who were inseparable descended to earth one day. One of the sisters landed in the land of clouds, Meghalaya, but the other got lost on the way and never made it to earth. Heartbroken and stricken with grief on having lost her sister, the lone sibling cried and cried until her tears ran as a river. The river thus came to be known as ‘Umiam’ – the river of tears.

And here is my take on the lake of tears.

The lake of tears0

The journey together

The journey together

To walk by each other’s side,

in this journey called life,

in good times and the bad,

in sorrow as also in happiness;

And though you may be separated world apart,

yet still be the closest at heart,

That is what I wish for you,

a father with a heart for the two of you.

                            – Mo Irom


My little muse

My little muse_20130518_1

My little muse_20130518_68 My little muse_20130518_67

 They bring you smiles,

even when you are worn and weary,

from life’s incessant rigour;

laughter amidst distressing hours.

They are your sunshine

breaking through the shrouds of dark clouds;

a treasure trove of reminiscences past

to cherish when you are ripened souls.

They bring you love,

and teach you a thing or two of life;

bring you hope

for a ‘morrow that is beyond your grasp.

And though they are yours,

they belong not to you;

for they are the bearers

of tomorrow.

My little muse_20130518_66


Man at work…….come rain or shine

Images of the hard-working  section of the population of a little known town called Imphal in the border state of Manipur (India) adjoining Myanmar. Less fortunate but the most hardworking indeed.

Took out my camera to indulge in a little creativity after what seemed like a long time hiatus. But sooner than I manage to take a few shots, the overcast sky turned to a downpour and then into a drizzle. So I decided to do a little street photography capturing those going about their lives despite the callous weather, toiling … come  rain or shine.

NB: I have tried my best to maintain the anonymity of the subject.

Man at work_20130702_1

Images of the hardworking section of the population of a little known town called Imphal in the border state of Manipur (India) adjoining Myanmar. Less fortunate but the most hardworking perhaps.

Man at work_20130702_13

Man at work_20130702_11

Man at work_20130702_10

Man at work_20130702_9

Man at work_20130702_7

Man at work_20130702_6

Man at work_20130702_5

Man at work_20130702_4

Man at work_20130702_3 Man at work_20130702_2