Memoir of an unforgettable trek: The Siraunch glacier and Mt. Trisuli in Uttarakhand

Yonder over the hills

It is amazing how a picture or an incident could trigger open a floodgate of memories stored deep in the recesses of the human mind, allowing us to relive those moments like it had happened only yesterday. A picture of Mt. Trisuli in Uttarakhand shared by a friend recently did just that for me, taking me back in time to the Spring of 2001, exactly a decade and a half ago, to the wonderful memories of losing and finding myself in grandiose mountains of the majestic Garhwal Himalayas.

Siraunch Glacier, Mt. Trisulli ( 7035 m) at the backdrop Siraunch Glacier, Mt. TrisuliĀ ( 7035 m) at the backdrop

I recall quite vividly one warm summer morn in April 2001, walking in to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Benito Juarez Marg in New Delhi, to meet the seven member British team consisting of Colin Knowles, Chris Drinkwater, Chris Smart, Angela Benham, Titch Kavanagh, Andrew Phillips and Roly Arnison. The team was proceedingā€¦

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