The journey together

The journey together

To walk by each other’s side,

in this journey called life,

in good times and the bad,

in sorrow as also in happiness;

And though you may be separated world apart,

yet still be the closest at heart,

That is what I wish for you,

a father with a heart for the two of you.

                            – Mo Irom


How I wish I can fly

” How I wish I can fly”

                                    Mo Irom

How I wish I can fly,

Sail the wind and soar the sky,

Seek new horizons everyday,

Taste the freedom all the way.

Without a worry or the pains,

nor mankind’s ball and chains;

I’d sail across the plains,

past the seas and over the mountains.

With not a destination for which to worry,

nor even a goal for which to hurry;

I’d sail the wind and soar the sky,

Oh! How I wish I could fly.