Surya Namaskaram-3

Surya Namaskar 3 (2)

As breaking dawn heralds your march,

filling the sky with thy beaming radiance,

infusing bodies and minds with renewed vigor,

unshackling frozen wings from its stupor,

giving it strength to take flight one more time,

to take to the skies of unbounded freedom,

with the promise of a whole new voyage;

Salutations to thee, O bringer of hope and courage.

– ┬ámo Irom

Surya Namaskar 3 (1)Morning vistas of Nehru park, New Delhi

Surya namaskaram – 2

Thy boundless grace and blessing,

showered without distinction,

on all living and inanimate,

sinners and saints equal,

bringing to each and every,

a soothing caress of life,

and promises of a brand new day;

Salutations to thee, bringer of light and life.

– mo Irom

Nehru Park_Cascading rays 01

Nehru Park_Cascading rays 02 Nehru Park_Cascading rays 03Morning vistas of Nehru Park, New Delhi