Window wildlife photography

Spring is the time when I have a number of visitors, not the usual kind, but very agile, fleeting, restive and shy visitors who makes good an escape the moment you lay eyes on them. Staring out of my balcony, I am always pleasantly surprised to find quite a variety of animals, insects and birds alighting on the trees around my house, feasting on the fruits that spring brings as a bounty. Many of them so small that you will ever notice their presence unless you observe intently and of course secretly. The smaller they are the more agile and all the more difficult to photograph.

Most of us, engrossed as we are with our daily mechanical chores of existence, fail to give an eye to the beauties that nature bestows on us. Most escapes our notice, but for a conscious and an avid watcher, there is always something nice to see, even if you just staring out of the window. Here some wildlife photography done sitting at home…….all shot from out of my window!

            Small enough to alight on a tender leaf

A Kingfisher that has made its home in our underground water tank

That’s  what I call a window wildlife photography 🙂