How I wish I can fly

” How I wish I can fly”

                                    Mo Irom

How I wish I can fly,

Sail the wind and soar the sky,

Seek new horizons everyday,

Taste the freedom all the way.

Without a worry or the pains,

nor mankind’s ball and chains;

I’d sail across the plains,

past the seas and over the mountains.

With not a destination for which to worry,

nor even a goal for which to hurry;

I’d sail the wind and soar the sky,

Oh! How I wish I could fly.

Song in the bushes (Silhouettes series)


Where art thou ? Oh! Spring,

 for thee our hearts aches.

 Long have we been waiting,

 perched atop these barren branches.

 Watching every sunrise, seeking,

a sign of thy sprightly presence.

A new hope for us thou shall bring,

 a fresh breath of life’s fragrance.