I have been struggling to write this ‘About’ page for a long time. When I started to blog sometime back, I had no clear intention of what my blog ought to be or what it should look like. I had just found a medium where i could share the things I like doing, some things that I do just because I love doing it, some things that makes me whole. until then it was something which i have kept to myself largely. So began the journey of this blog where my thoughts, passion and my truer self manifested into words and pictures.

i use to love to paint but a demanding job left me with little time for that pursuit. Then came family.Trying to be a good husband to a wonderful wife and a father to two lovely daughters needed devotion and time which I try to give to the best of my ability. In this milieu, my passions for art and creativity quietly slipped into a deep slumber…. until photography happened ! It was, at least comparatively, a much faster medium to put ones creativity to work, something I could always steal some moments to pursue. And thus my new-found love began its fledgling flight and along came the effusive urges of poetry which finds expression in this blog of mine. This blog is just a piece of me for you to see. I do hope you find something nice you like.

Much as i like to share my thoughts, my pictures, my experiences and adventures which you will find here, I am also thankful for all your appreciation. Have a great day.

Mo Irom



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