A bird’s eye view

Some memories that I treasure, some passion I indulge in;

Some places I have been, some adventures I have  had;

Some stories to enthrall, some poetry to indulge;

Some pictures to delight, some to narrate a tale;

Some of the things that I do, just to make me whole.


A bird’s-eye view of all my posts so far

            Laiharaoba of Manipur : Festivity of the Gods

            Leimaram Falls of Manipur


          Andro, a taste of Manipur

       An unforgettable trek to Siraunch glacier and the unconquerable  Mt. Trisuli West in Uttaranchal

            Sikkim (Part I), the land I fell in love with

           Sikkim (Part II): Angels in the mountains

           Sikkim (Part III): The will takes you where strength fails

            Ukhrul, the land on the lofty hills of Manipur

            A Poetry of Light

            Ghost warriors of Manipur

            A night in the streets of Imphal

            Moon rising: Knight in shining armour

              Holi, the festival of colours and human bonding

Song in the bushes


“How I wish I can fly”

A walk at Lodi Garden


London, a glimpse through my lens

Window Wildlife Photography

            A lonesome night and a date with the moon

                                                                      A surreal night


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