Back to being the boy who loved to paint…..Its closure.

My first oil on canvas after picking up the brush again after nearly 3 decades !!!

Prancy horse

I used to love to sketch and paint when I was a little kid. I’d always be sketching something on the back of the notebook when the teacher was busy teaching in the class. I’d draw caricatures of my teachers and classmates while they were busy working on the classwork. I’d be busy drawing cowboys when Mama was not looking when she made us do our homework.It was just something I was fond of doing, something that was just so much more enjoyable than struggling with your classwork or homework. I drew so many paintings that there wasn’t enough space to put it up or store it. Dad eventually used most of it to cover the holes and spaces in the attic and store-room. Then it just happened, I stopped painting completely. Perhaps it was life’s circumstances or I was drawn to other things, I quite don’t have an explanation. I just gave up the one thing that I loved doing. But I never got over it completely. I was always drawn to the beauty of things and I’d capture it in my mind like I was putting it on canvas. I yearned to play with the paints again but life became too grueling to even think of picking up the brush again. It was just too tedious a hobby to keep, I just couldn’t find the time or the resolve to pick it up again. So I turned to photography a few years ago when digital cameras made it possible to satiate your creative urges without having to take too much trouble or the time. I enjoyed it immensely. But along the way it just brought me more closure to my old love. No doubt I loved capturing the beauty at the press of a button but it was never quite like creating the beauty with your own hands on a blank space, filling it up little by little, piece by piece, stroke by stroke as the white canvas in front of you slowly morphs into the picture that is there in your mind, just like those Polaroid pictures in the olden days which slowly emerges as you vigorously shake the picture card. It is an exhilarating process. But the question remained, would I be able to find the time to meticulously go through the process? would i still have the knack for it after all these years? Well I just had to find out when I saw the easel in a shop a few days ago. I picked up the easel for my daughters who also seem to have picked up my genes for love of paints and bought a canvas or two for myself. And here it is ! And there I was! back to being the little boy who just loves the way the brush strokes the canvas! Like they say, nothing is ever like the first love 🙂


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