Watching the sun go down in Goa

The legend of Goa is unparalleled in India, the mind conjuring up images of enchantment and revelry at the very mention of the endearing name. That was how it was with me. And yes, it does live up to its name I would say. The breathtaking beaches, beautiful landscapes and distinctive heritage lends Goa a charm that attracts millions of tourists every year from across India and abroad.

Goa is India’s smallest state, a coastal paradise wedge between Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka in the south and east. Strategically located in the Konkan belt along the western sea-coast facing the Arabian sea, its has historically been a major trade port which had come under the rule and control of numerous Indian feudatories and dynasties including the famed Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty in the 3rd century BC to the Delhi sultanate in 14th century BC before it passed into the hands of the Portuguese merchants in early 16th century and being ruled as a Portuguese province for over four centuries and half, thus lending Goa a charming blend of Portuguese and Indian lifestyles and cultures. The architecture of its churches and heritage buildings bear the unmistakable Portuguese style giving it a unique charm.

Goa is a heady mixture of the hill ranges of the fabulous Western Ghats that raises from the coasts, much like an embankment to a water body, and the coastal plains which is interspersed by fabulous beaches at intervals all along the stretch from north to south. Being on the western coast facing the Arabian sea, the beaches of Goa would invariably see the sun rising from the palm topped land ridges that runs along the coast, traversing across the sky in a big loop to finally dip into the sea, casting a beautiful golden hue to the choppy waters and the shore just before it is immersed in the darkness of the night. Here are some visages I managed to capture while watching the sun rise and go down in Goa.

Goa_1 (2)





Goa_10 Goa_11 Goa_12 Goa_13



Goa_14 Goa_15a Goa_17a Goa_18a Goa_19b

Goa_20 Goa_22 Goa_23 Goa_27a Goa_38 Goa_39


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