An inseparable bond.

Flower and the bee 2

Does the bee whisper serenades of love

to the flower that it so willingly yield

to gather from its honeyed womb

the sweetened nectar of life.

Or is it the flower who sings to the bee,

of pleasures promised,

that it cannot but yield,

to the alluring enchantress’ beckon.

Whatever it be, it is a celebration to see,

each rejoicing in the other’s company;

for one cannot be without the other,

woven together in an inseparable bond.

For the flower is to the bee,

a fountain of life from where it drinks;

and the bee is to the flower,

a bearer of life itself.

Enchanting is the nature’s way,

which weaves one life to another.

– Mo Irom


Flower and the bee 1

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