Loktak lake of Manipur – one of its kind.

The visit of a friend reminded me of our last visit to the Loktak Lake in Manipur recently, a lovely evening spent atop a hillock enjoying the soft caressing breeze blowing across the lake, watching the fishermen niftily maneuvering their tiny canoes across the vast expanse of water looking for a catch and best of all bear witness to the breathtaking views of the water slowly changing hue as the sun stealthily sank. A lovely evening well spent and here’s a few shots I managed to capture amid sips of the fiery Sekmai 🙂

The Loktak Lake of Manipur
A fisherman waiting for a catch.
Fish farming being done in the Phumdis
Fishing in Loktak
The blue hills yonder
Loktak as the sun sets.
Loktak at night.

For the uninitiated, Loktak Lake is the biggest freshwater lakes in Northeast India, situated in a place called Moirang which is about 45 Kilometers from Imphal, the Capital town of Manipur. The lake is famous for it floating Phumdis, a mass of vegetation floating on the lake on which fisherman even build their huts. Sometimes they are encircled to farm fishes inside which can be seen in the pictures. Keibul Lamjao National Park, the one of a kind and the only floating sanctuary in the world, lies on the southeastern shores of this lake. It is home to the endemic and endangered Brow-antlered-deer (Cervus Eldi Eldi) or Sangai that we, Manipuris, are so proud of. The place is one of the wonders of nature, unique and beautiful. Sadly it is ill maintained and there is an increasing human population and settlement along the catchment areas leading to deforestation and degeneration of the whole area. Urgent measures are required to preserve this wondrous gift of nature, the pride of Manipur.


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