Kakching, a small town about 45 kilometres from Imphal and a mere 70 kilometres away from the Indo-Myanmar border in the North-easternmost corner of India, is the last town in the valley of Manipur after which the highway that leads to Myanmar meanders up the hills of Pallel and Tengnoupal to descend to the last border town of Moreh.

Towards Myanmar, beyond the hills.

Surrounded by fertile stretches of paddy fields and the hills a little bit yonder, Kakching is strategically located to offer the best agricultural produce from the nearby fields and the hills as well. The bamboo shoots available in the local market is famed for its taste and aroma, of course that is to mention only one of the mainly specialities found here. The people of Kakching are known for their industriousness as  well as for their community bonding. Not surprisingly, Kakching is perhaps the fastest developing region as compared to the rest of Manipur, second only to Imphal the capital town of the state. The photographs bears testimony to their hardwork and unity, something the rest of Manipur can learn and emulate.

The Eco-Park in Uyok Ching

Uyok Ching

If only we are able to retain the charm and beauty of the hills and vales of Manipur, just as the people of kakching has.


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