A Lonesome night and a date with the moon

It was a lonesome night with my angels far away,

no one to play with, please, pester or pamper me.

Absent-mindedly I opened the fridge but the beer too has run dry.

So I made do with a nimbu pani and took myself to the roof

to drench myself in the solitude.

A cool breeze nipped at me, surprisingly,

‘coz it was blazing hot until yesterday.

Lo n behold! What did I find, a beautiful moon to keep me company.

 It was a blessed night and I will lay my head to rest,

thinking of the moon and my three beautiful angels so far away.

The beautiful moon smiles and beckons me….
…..to play with her a while,
seek her out among the clouds,
Long she played with me, a game of hide and seek,
When she got bored,  she draped herself with the cloud,
sometimes dressed as a pirate,
sometimes a lady in a fur skin coat
sometimes she was glad to just shine through,
peeping through the clouds,
sometimes hiding behind the playful clouds,
and quitely breaking through the dark shrouds
Until the clouds got jealous of her attention on me
and decided to snatch her away from me


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