Moon rising – Knight in shining armour

As the sun slowly sinks,

behind the blue hills yonder,

the last rays beating through the veil,

like an estranged lover,

giving one last longing look,

before bidding adieu forever.

As the sky quietly mourns

the parting, like a grieving jilted lover,

Dark clouds swirl across

the vastness, a prowling dark suitor,

claiming every inch of emptiness

in its embrace, as would a paramour.

As the hour turns ominous,

the sky quietly surrenders

to the insidious cold embrace.

And just when it seems to be all over,

quietly sneaks another suitor,

a knight in shining armour !

As he rises ever so stealthily,

steely resolve in his silent demeanor,

quietly lifting the veil that shrouds the sky,

like unveiling a bride on the altar,

freeing it from the menacing grip,

breaking the hold of the dark paramour.

The dark clouds beats a silent retreat,

knowing well his reign is over,

the brilliant knight claims his bride,

as I quietly do ponder,

if it isn’t the lover in disguise,

the Sun! oh yes I do wonder.

2 thoughts on “Moon rising – Knight in shining armour

  1. Thanks a lot Thoibi. I am just enjoying myself letting the creative urges in me run free and I am so glad you liked it. As for you friend, I sure do hope the sun came shining back again.

  2. I like the metaphor …. and the suitor part reminds me of stories i know about a dear friend … enjoy your creativity:)


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